Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our AI solution for animation, voice, and dialogue generation.

Is my data being used for other projects?

No. We use data that is ring fenced for individual projects and provided by our clients. We know how important data security and narrative accuracy are to any intellectual property. If you work with us, we will only use the data you provide for your project. There is no cross-over between projects.

Which game engines are your tools compatible with?

We can easily integrate our tools with Unreal and Unity, but if you’re using another engine don’t let that prevent you from getting in touch! We’d be happy to discuss building something to fit your needs.

Do you only work with game developers?

No! Whilst our tools have a lot of application in game development, we’ve also worked with museums and galleries. If you have an interesting project and you think our tools could be useful, get in touch.

Is this one of those “Chat GPT Wrappers”?

It is not. Our tools are developed in-house and the solution we create will be specific to your game. We do not use Chat GPT to run any of our systems.

Do these tools replace human creativity?

Absolutely not. These are tools for developers to work with, and in no way replace the abilities of writers, actors, or animators. All of these tools required a skilled person’s input at every stage. What they can do is speed up the creative process substantially, allowing for rapid iteration and the development of much more material within a shorter time frame.

What input do you need from the game studio?

The more data the better! We could use some information from the GD: description of the lore and the world, description of your NPC’s personalities, examples of how they should talk… The more information on how your NPC interacts with the world around him the better.

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Do you handle localisation ?

Yes we do. Our [...]

What is the product exactly ?

It’s a custom plug-in. With its intuitive interface, you can easily input audio or text files and have the tool automatically generate a corresponding lip sync animation. You can also customise the animation by adjusting the mouth shape and timing for your 3D or 2D characters.

Are the technologies compatible with Unity, Unreal, others?

Yes we support several engine models such as Unity, Unreal, and custom engines.

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